This is It: The Long-Term Trend Monitor is Here

“Wow, holy crap Batman, April 2013 sure turned out to be one for the history books. Between the Boston Marathon bombings, the blast in West Texas, the collapse in precious metals, and the stock market trading at all time highs, what else could possibly have exploded in any given month.” -Superman

Since we have been extremely hard at work preparing to launch an incredibly invaluable tool for long-term investors, we will be foregoing our typical weekly update with this important announcement instead.

First up, before we introduce you to “the Monitor,” which is a subsidiary property of Elliott Wave Technology,  we thought you might be interested in this brief aside. 

If you wish to get a sense for real-time issues that we consider important, you can keep up to date with this information free on our FB page or at the SERCE Group, which is Elliott Wave Technology’s Social & Economically Relevant Curatorial Exchange. 

In addition to breaking news, the SERCE may include fast breaking real-time market updates such as the short-term Silver update posted on April 18 wherein we cited specific parameters for an imminent 3.66% move up to the $24.60 level. 

As EWT’s SERCE duly recorded on April 27, we informed readers of the exchange that we had indeed captured the previously cited target of $24.60 that Friday.
No, SERCE is not it. 


We will quickly wrap this up with a brief description of the Guardian Revere Long-Term Trend Monitor, which is guaranteed to blow your mind. The three most notable attributes of the new Long-Term Trend Monitor are:

    • It’s simple, low maintenance, easy to follow, and a breeze to replicate
    • It’s extraordinarily affordable (we’re virtually giving this lethal weapon away)
    • And most importantly; It Works

Finally, an honest to goodness Holy Grail for long-term Investors is here.

Let’s face reality here folks, the financial system and modern-day monetary order is riddled with flaws and uncertainty. 

Until we witness radical changes in the form of a new monetary order and the novel establishment of truly free markets, we have no other choice but to operate and manage a significant portion of our surplus savings and investments within the current set of existing constraints. 

Enter the ACTION-ALERT MONITOR: Exclusive S&P 500 Index and Precious Metals Focus

In response to the extreme level of uncertainty and systemic coercion to invest in equities or suffer the anguish of being left behind, the forthcoming long-term investment monitor will also track and provide long-term alerts for Gold and Silver, which we highly recommend holding in physical form as a tangible component within every long-term investment portfolio. 

As such, long-term bullion investors of every stripe will soon have access to a quantified reliable means of acquiring relevant Action-Alerts that will provide them with a timely heads-up as to when it is most prudent to hedge their physical holdings by shorting the paper futures markets or by using inverse ETF’s.
Whether we like the current financial system or not, in order to effectively grow and protect our life savings, most of us maintain long-term exposure to stocks via index funds. Either play the game well or languish, it’s that simple. 

For added assurance, we strongly suggest an essential 10-20% allocation of net worth toward physical gold and silver to balance the tangible asset component of our investment portfolios with the rest of our mandatory paper asset investments. 

The Absolute Best Assurance Money can Buy 

We have documented absolute quantified unequivocal proof that this automated long-term investment strategy has outperformed and stayed on the right side of the S&P 500 for over 50-years.
If this is not the Holy Grail for timing long-term investment exposure to the S&P 500 index – then one shall never exist. 

The quantified mathematics and historical performance documentation tells the whole truth and nothing but. 

We are making this invaluable elite membership solution available to select investors and adept money managers for an insanely low annual assurance premium. Desperate times call for Prudent Measures. As such, we sense it a noble duty to rise to the occasion and provide as much support as we possibly can to the largest number of people. 

You and everyone that you know who cares anything at all about their invested nest eggs and/or physical Gold & Silver holdings will virtually kill for the chance to become lifelong members of this elite club.
This is the real deal folks. 

We have a long-standing reputation to defend, and as such, we would never risk damaging that reputation with a promise of assurance that we were not 100% confident in delivering on.
In closing, we will leave you with a couple of sample pages from our maiden report. Note that the pages shown may be reduced images. The actual pages within each report and Action-Alert are full size, crisp, and delivered to your inbox clear as a bell. 

Soon you will find yourself the recipient of our quarterly reports and Action-Alerts, reading pages like these and getting timely advance notice of the next major market moves. This is it, the time is nigh – see you there.

Until then,
Trade Better/Invest Smarter 

Profitably Manage and Effectively Hedge your Physical Bullion