Bulls Drowning in Profits: Bears Parched

I mean come on, what does it take to get people to wake up and get with the program these days? I just don’t know anymore. I tell ya, I’m this close to just giving up and telling everyone to piss-off – you’re on your own now brothers and sisters.

Listen, there’s no one more bearish than myself yet I remain long the equity markets. Why, because I’d have lost my ass if I had been flat or short the last 6-years - that’s why.

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The Solution to Safeguard and Grow Your Long-Term Savings and Investment Capital

Are you happy with your long-term investment results?
Are you worried about another prolonged market decline, economic downturn, or worse?

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When Should I Buy, When Should I Sell?

z.Flashback Bullish AlertJanuary 14, 2012: Dear Members, the S&P 500 closed the week at 1289.09, and the pending Action Alert registering earlier in the week has CONFIRMED. As such, we suggest that if you are short the market, that you strongly consider taking profits and reversing back to the long side at the next open. If you have been in cash per the Monitor, we suggest that you give strong consideration to getting back in ASAP.
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This is It: The Long-Term Trend Monitor is Here

“Wow, holy crap Batman, April 2013 sure turned out to be one for the history books. Between the Boston Marathon bombings, the blast in West Texas, the collapse in precious metals, and the stock market trading at all time highs, what else could possibly have exploded in any given month.” -Superman

Since we have been extremely hard at work preparing to launch an incredibly invaluable tool for long-term investors, we will be foregoing our typical weekly update with this important announcement instead.
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